An Open Letter to Ted Cruz
Dear Mr Cruz,
This campaign primary has been the nastiest ever in the history of US politics. I understand you want to win the presidency at all costs. I know that a lot of crap has been slung from both sides of the Republican candidacy. I have said many times that I will vote for whoever the nominee is to save our great country from the socialist/communists that are running on the other side of the aisle.
You pride yourself as a man of God, a Christian, yet you continue to act like something else. I don't care if you had affairs, nor do I care that Trump divorced his wife, or that his present wife has any lewd past, or any of the other liberal driven trash the media puts out. I don't care about any mistakes you have made as a senator, or any mistakes Mr Trump has made in the past. I care about right now, what you both stand for. As a man of God, you must know we are all sinners and we all make mistakes, because we are only human.
My concern is that you seem to want to subvert the will of the majority of voters, and cause the United States to have a brokered republican convention.
If that happens, you well know that a candidate that is not the most popular may get shoved down our throats, and you also know that the establishment will most likely try to put someone like Bush, Romney or Rubio in office, which will disenfranchise voters to the point that many may not vote in November. This will ensure that Hillary wins the presidency.
The media keeps telling us that Trump cannot beat Hillary, but we all know that is not true if republicans can unite after the primaries.
Right now Mr Trump is pretty far ahead of you. I know that some people from your side and from Trump's have both been really nasty to each other. I also know that you don't want to let your supporters down.
My suggestion to you would be to please ask your followers to stop being so nasty, and I think that Trump supporters should do the same. When the next few primaries come into play, and if you should realize that you are not going to win, (if that is the case), please do the right thing for America, and put your support behind the front-runner.
I am sure that Trump will do the same. He really does care about our country, and I believe that you know he does.
I beg you sir, do this for our great country!
Whether you are the next president or not, it is the right thing to do. If you are the man you claim to be, I know you will understand this plea.