Tips on How to Take Care of Your AC System

It is important that we always check and take care of our AC system in that way cooling all year round is at its best.

1. Check the manual – always refer to the manual on how to use and take care of your AC system properly. It is important that you know and understand how your AC system works in that way you can really maintain it and take good care of it properly.

2. Keep your AC clean – it is important that you regularly clean your AC since dust and some particles can build up and it can affect the cooling of your system. You can use soft brushes or vacuum to clean out any dirt in that way you would not affect or damage your AC.

3. Always check you’re AC – it is important to check your AC for any damages and leaks it is important that your AC is dry and avoid leaking or sinking from the water it produces. HVAC Repair Temecula provides maintenance and repair service to keep your AC in good running condition.

4. Get the best thermostat – it is important to have a programmable thermostat that can allow you to control the temperature of your AC all throughout the day. In that way you can save money from energy bills and you can protect your AC by not always changing the dial.

5. Unclog drain tubes – when you see a lot of water in your AC it would tell you that your drain tube can be clogged. It is important to drain in to avoid bacteria build-up and produce unhealthy air. It is also important to drain it to avoid flood and future damage.

6. Replace the filer – when changing the filter it is important that you switch it off from that main control then pull out the furnace check if changing it is needed and if not you can just check for dirt or other particles and clean it.

7. Help control the heat – it is important that you help in controlling your room’s temperature you can do that by adding windows, tint, or blinds in your windows in that way your home or room can be cooled effectively especially when it is very hot.

8. Clean and brush the fins – if your air conditioning unit doesn’t cool effectively, always check the fin you can. Clean it with a brush and you can straighten it carefully with the use of a knife.

9. Add an in-line booster – there are some parts of our rooms that cannot be covered by the cool air our AC system produces. Adding a vent booster or a duct booster can help increase the air flow in a room.

10. Get rid of your noisy AC – if your AC produces too much noise from the compressor. It is important that you ask advice from repair and maintenance companies on what is the best tool to lessee the noise you can also refer to your AC manufacturer.