Things to Know About Facial Cupping

A therapy that utilizes suction cups to stimulate your muscles and skin is called cupping. Cupping can be done on your body and face 

This is used in therapy because suction encourages improved blood circulation. This might help encourage cell repair, relieve muscle tension, and help in other restoration.  

In addition to that, cupping is also believed to increase your “qi” flow (Chinese word for life force).  

Is Body Cupping Similar to Facial Cupping? 

No, and yes. While both of them are based on the same idea of regeneration, body and facial cupping are performed differently.  

Usually, facial cups are softer and smaller. They are utilized to pull the skin gently away from deeper fascia layers. This improves blood flow to that part and restores the skin. It does not leave behind any cup marks.  

On the other hand, body cupping is mainly utilized to lessen pains and aches. These almost always leave cup marks behind. However, they do have a diagnostic purpose. The color, shape, and size are believed to show the amount of cellular buildup of waste, also known as “stagnation”. As your lymphatic system processes the waste, these marks slowly fade. 

How Does Cupping Work? 

The blood is pulled into the part of the skin below the cup because of the suction effect of this non-invasive procedure. Because of this, the surrounding tissue is saturated with fresh blood and encourages the new formation of blood vessel. 

In addition to that, cupping also encourages sterile inflammation. It is a type of trauma that’s pathogen-free. Sterile inflammation results from mechanical trauma with cupping.  

The vacuum-like suction divides various tissue layers. This results in tearing and microtrauma that activates an inflammatory response. This will flood the area with platelets, white blood cells, and other healing reliefs. 

Can You Utilize Facial Cups at Home? 

Yes, there are a lot of cupping kits in the market that you can use at home. However, you might find it much relaxing under the care of an expert. Aside from that, it might enable a more even application.  

Also, seeing an expert will make sure that the right method is followed. Ask your practitioner for help if you choose to try facial cups at home. They can answer a lot of inquiries you might have and might be able to suggest a high-quality home kit.  

However, you should be careful. You might develop undesirable bruising while you improve your performance. In addition to that, it might also take a lot of time to get your wanted results.  

Whenever you look for a practitioner, make sure that you consult him/her first before you do a session. In your consultation, make sure you ask him/her about their credentials. You can also ask them how long they have been doing this.  

Facial cupping encourages circulation. This might help lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also reduces puffiness and much more.  

You can use facial cups at home. However, it might be ideal to talk to a professional practitioner for your first session for Hamilton non-invasive procedure services.